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Anti Pollution Face Mask Portable KN95 Earloop
pp non-woven+fliter paper+pp non-woven
Widely used in hospital&healthcare,medical consumbles&parmacy,beauty salon, food processing,industrial protective,daily use,etc
20g + 20g + 25g or any you need
10pcs/bag,20pcs/bag,50pcs/box, 500pcs/box

How to wear

      Wash your hands before wearing the mask, or avoid contacting with the inner side of the mask during mask wearing to reduce the possibilty of contacmination. Distinguish the inside, outside, upside and downside of the mask. Do not squeeze the mask with your hands. The KN95 mask can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask by hand, the virus will be soaked into the mask along with the flying droplet and easily cause the virus infection. Make sure the mask fits well with the face.
      A simple test is to exhale so hard that no air escapes from the edge of the mask after putting on the mask. The protective mask must be close to the face. After adjusting the position of the mask according to the shape of your face, press the nose clip with your index fingers along the upper edge of the mask.

Masks should be replaced in time when

1. When the respiratory impedance is significantly increased;
2. When the mask is damaged or damaged;
3. When the mask and the face cannot be tightly connected;
4. The mask is contaminated (such as when stained with foreign matter such as blood stains or droplets);
5. Masks have been contaminated (used in individual ward or patient contact);
6, the use of masks longer than the recommended time;
7. Masks with higher protection levels need to be replaced when contacting the source of virus infection or specific places.

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